"Getting me to rest." (Ezek. 9-8)

The Vision of Ezekiel, recorded in the previous chapter, brought to light the abominations of the house of Judah. The vision that follows in this chapter shows the terrible punishment allocated by the Lord God to the guilty nation, beginning at Jerusalem.
He saw the performers present themselves armed, and the man clothed in linen mark people before the performers began the work of destruction through the door of the Temple, saw them leave the main streets of town and not let go of a single lane, they killed all the people who had the sign on his forehead marked with the ink cartridge of the Registrar. He was alone, this prophet of the Lord, he spared himself in the midst of universal massacre, and when the carcasses fell at his feet, and bodies stained with clotted blood shed and lay scattered around, he said: "Getting me to rest." He was living among the dead, because he was found faithful among the unbelievers. He survived the universal destruction, because he had served his God in the midst of universal depravity.
Now withdraw the sentence of Ezekiel's vision and appropriates it. I think when we reread and repeat:''Standing beside me, "she quite naturally invites us to make a retrospect of the past, too much readily suggests a prospectus of the future and, I think, also allows a terrible contrast reserved for unrepentant.
1. Firstly, my brothers, we have a pathetic reflection that invites us to make a solemn retrospect. "Getting to I-resto'. Many here remember the times of illness, when cholera was raging through the streets. Maybe you forgot that period of pestilence, but I never forget, when the duties of my pastor called me to walk continuously between the homes hit by terror and see the dying and the dead. Printed in my heart will always remain some of these sad scenes I witnessed when I first came to this metropolis, and instead to bless the living, was hired to bury the dead. Some came here today not only by a cholera epidemic, but for many, and perhaps also testified climates where the fever prostrated hundreds of people, and where the plague and other diseases dire exhausted his tremors, and every arrow reached the target in the heart of some of his companions. However, some were remaining. You walked among the graves, but stumbled on them. cruel and fatal diseases lurked his way, but they have not been allowed to devour you. Bullets whistled death near your ear, and yet you stayed alive, because the bullet was not intended for your heart. You look back, some of you, fifty, sixty, seventy years. bald head and white tells the story of you is no longer a raw recruit in the war of life. You become a veteran, if not invalid, in the army. Are you ready to retire, take off the armor and give place to another. Look back, brother, you entered the rest; remember the many times you've seen the crowds hail death around him, making him think: "I got to rest." And we who are younger, in whose veins the blood still throbs with vigor, we remember the times hazard when thousands were falling around us, yet we can say the house of God with great emphasis: "I was indeed" - protected, great God, while many others perished, sustained, standing on the rock of life when the waves of death conflicted about me, focused spray with a strong impact on me and my body was saturated with illness and pain, but I'm still alive - still have permission to live among the tribes occupied men.
Which in retrospect as this suggest? Should not each of us ask the question: "What was spared? Why was I left?" At that time many of you were - c even now some are still - dead in trespasses and sins. You have not been spared because it was true, since you did not produce anything more than the grapes of Gomorrah. Certainly God did not stop his sword for having something good in you. Numerous and egregious wrongs in their temperament, if not yet in his conduct and could have demanded his execution. You were spared. Let me ask you why. It was the mercy visited, this grace renewed his soul? You found that it was 0 that happened to you? The sovereign grace won out, destroying the prejudices, glacial melting his heart, he hardened his will to pieces? Sinner, remembering the times you got the rest, you were spared to make it safe with a great salvation? And if you can not say yes to this question, let me ask you if it can not. Friend, why God spared him for so long, when you were still His enemy, a stranger to him and far away from him by evil deeds? Or, rather, He spared - I tremble with the mere mention of the possibility - he extended his days to develop their attitudes to you to be more mature for conviction, filled the measure of its blatant wickedness, and be cast into hell a sinner shriveled and dry, firewood ready to fire? His life is in such a situation? These moments spared deteriorate through misconduct, or will be delivered to repentance and prayer? Before the last of suns is put in perpetual darkness for you, you look at it now? In this case, you have reason to bless God for all eternity because you got to rest, because you got the rest to seek further and still find it, Him who is the Savior of sinners.
Did many of you among whom I speak are not Christians and you, too, were not indeed? When saints better than you were torn from the land of family ties, when most luminous stars that you were sent by night, you still had the permission to shine with his poor and flickering lightning? Why, great God? Why did I go to rest? I will ask this question for myself. To save myself for so long, my Lord, thou hast no more to me to do? There is a purpose hitherto not conceived in my soul, which thou wilt tell me, for which implementation you still give me grace and strength and even me for a little spare time? I'm still immortal or at least protected of any arrow of death, because my work is incomplete? The story of my year was prolonged because the whole history of the tablets (a) has not yet been completed? So show me what you got for me to do. Since I was, moreover, helps me that I feel like someone devoted especially, left for a purpose. saved to an end, otherwise I would have had worms, facing food long ago and my body crumbled back to mother earth. Christian, always ask this question for yourself, but do to time particularly when disease and mortality unusual you are spared. If I was to rest, for what? Why was not brought home in the sky? Why not go on my pillow? Great God and Lord, show me what you got for me to do, and give me grace and strength to do it.
Let's change the hindsight for a moment and look at God's sparing mercy in another light. "I got to rest." Some here present, whose history I know well, can say: "I was indeed," and say it with peculiar emphasis. You were born to unbelieving parents, the first words that you remember were vile and blasphemous, very bad to repeat. Do you remember how much was the polluted air that their lungs in children sipped their first breath - the air of addiction, sin and wickedness. You grew, you and your brothers and sisters, hand in hand; you filled the house of sin, continued in his juvenile crimes and encouraged to each other bad habits. So you've grown to humanity, and then was tied in bonds of obliquity as well as in blood relations. You raised the choices he made new associations As your family circle grew, so grew the reputation of his conduct. You engendered the same trick and perpetrated the same improprieties.
Maybe you remember the time when the calls were made on Sunday, a mockery of holiness was expressed before the call. You remember how one and another of his former comrades died, you had taken them to the tomb, and his joy was held back for a moment, then erupted again. Then one sister died, consumed by infidelity, then a brother was taken, he had hope in death, all was darkness and despair for him. So, sinner, you survived all his companions. If you're willing to go to hell, you must go there for a trodden path, a path that, when you look back and see what has come, is stained with blood. Do you remember how it was before you have gone to faraway home in the thick darkness, with no glimmer of joy or lightning? And now you got to rest a sinner, and, blessed be God, you might say, "Yes, I was not only of rest but I'm here at the house of prayer, and know my heart, there's nothing I hate as much as live the life I had. Here I am, and never believed I would one day be here. I look back with deep regret for those who've broken ¬ ram, but still regret that I express my gratitude to God for me not being in torments - not in hell - but even here, not only here, but having hope that one day see the face of Christ and stand between worlds flaming coated with his justice and saved by your love. "
You got to rest, and what should you say? You should boast? No; is doubly humble. You should take the honor for himself? No, put the crown on the head of free grace, rich and undeserved. And what you must do above all other men? You must work doubly serving Christ. Just as you served the Devil resolutely, till he came to serve him exclusively, and all his friends died, by divine grace strive for Christ - to follow him, even though the whole world looks down, and continue until the Finally, even if any teacher would backslide, that is said about you in the end: "He was indeed. Only he was in sin while his companions all died, and then only in Christ when he got his friends abandoned him." This should always be said about you: "He got to rest."
That also suggests another form of that review. Special providence that took care of us and kept our structures weak! There among you, in particular, that were left in an age that if you look at the days of youth, will evoke a lot more relatives in the tomb than in the world - more below ground than on it. In your dreams, you are companion of the dead. But you got to rest. Protected from a thousand dangers of childhood, kept in youth, guided safely over the shoals and quicksands of immaturity, above the rocks and reefs of maturity, you got beyond the regular period of mortal life and is still here-Seventy years exposed to death perpetual, and still kept until there is, perhaps, almost eighty years.
You were indeed, my dear brother, but why? Why are all brothers and sisters have already left? Why old school mates are decreasing in number? You do not remember anyone alive today who has been his friend in youth. How do you, who lived in a certain period so long, seeing new names on the doors of shops, but the new faces and new everything about what he saw once in the days of her youth? Why were you spared? You are not converted? You is not woman converted? You were spared for what purpose? It is for you to be saved at the eleventh hour - may God grant - or until you have been saved had sinned to the lowest depths of hell, so that go there as the most exasperated sinner because of repeated warnings have all been neglected - you have been saved for this, or was to be saved? But are you a Christian? So it's not difficult to answer the question: Why were you spared?
I do not think there is an elderly woman on earth, living in the hut most obscure of England and sitting in the dark this night, with lack of sailing without having the means to buy another - I do not think this old lady is kept out of the sky for five minutes unless God had something for her to do on earth, and do not think the old is preserved here unless there was something for them to do. Tell, tell, you, old man, tell the story of grace preserver that kept it until now. Tell your children and grandchildren that is in God that you trust. Stand up and count as a venerable patriarch as he delivered them into six different difficulties, and in seven no evil touched. Provide future generations the faithful witness of the word that he said is true and that the promise that He can not fail. Just lean on his staff and say before he died in the midst of his family: "Not a word fell from all the good words that you spoke of the Lord your God" (Joshua 23:14). May your days producing a mature youthful witness of the love of God, and as you progress in years, is increasingly advanced knowledge and belief ¬ confirms the immutability of his counsel, the truth of his oath, the preciousness their blood and the certainty of salvation for all who put trust in Him. Then we know that you have been saved for a high and noble purpose. You say with tears of gratitude and smiles of joy to hear: "I got to rest."
2. I suggest these flashbacks rather than follow them, though, allow time, increases and abundantly, and therefore I must hurry to invite you for a prospectus. "Getting to I, rest." You and I soon pass from this world to another. This life is just a ferry, we are being transported, and soon arrive at the true margin, the actual land, for here there is nothing that is meaningful. As we enter the next world, we must wait for a brief resurrection - a resurrection of the just and the unjust, and this solemn day we should expect that everything that inhabits the earth will be gathered in one place. And He will come, those who once came to undergo: "[He] comes to judge the earth: with righteousness shall judge the world and the people with equity" (Ps 98.9). The one who came as children will come as the Infinite. The one who was lying wrapped in swaddling will girded with golden girdle, with rainbow wreath and robes of storm. There, the crowd will all be one big, the earth will be crowned from the deepest valley floor to the apex of the mountain, and the waves Sea will become the permanent seat and solid for men and women who slept under their torrents. So every eye shall be in him, every ear is open to every heart and He will observe with awe and solemn expectation awesome achievements that will be the largest every day, that day of days, that seal the ages, when the dispensation will be consummated. In solemn pomp, enter the Savior and his angels with Him You hear his voice when he cries: "Gather the weeds first and bind them in bundles to burn them "(Matthew 13-30).
See harvesters, as they come with wings of fire! Here's how to take sharp sickles, which have long been pointed at millstone of God's forbearance, but finally remained sharp. You see them approaching? And there they are claiming a nation with the scythes. Vile idolaters fell right now, and there are known blasphemers were crushed under the feet of reapers, see a bunch of drunks being carried on the shoulders of harvesters for the great fire burning. See elsewhere the libertine, the adulterer, the immodest tied in bundles - bundles whose osier never break out - and be cast into the fire, shine as the indescribable torments that abyss, and I got the rest? Great God, I'll be wrapped only in their righteousness, justice of the one who put my upright judge in court? When the wicked cry out: "Stones, hide us, mountains, fall on us," these eyes will notice, this side will dare turn to face the One who sits on the throne? I'll be calm and unmoved amid the universal horror and dismay? Am told the crowd of saints who dressed in white linen is the righteousness of the saints, expect the impact will see the wicked cast into destruction and feel safe? This will, or will be tied to a beam to burn forever and swept by the breath of the nostrils of God, like chaff thrown into the wind? You must be either: what is it? I can answer that question? Can I talk? I can speak - speak now - because I have this chapter what teaches me how to judge myself.
Those that are preserved have a mark on his forehead, and have a character as well as a brand, and the character is, they sigh and weep for all the abominations of the wicked. If I hate the sin, and if I sigh because others love it - if I cry because I fell out of weakness - if my sin and the sins of others are my constant source of grief and vexation of spirit, then have the brand and the evidence of those who nor sigh nor weep the world to come, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away? Today I have the mark of blood on my forehead? Say, my soul, thou hast faith only in Jesus Christ, and as a fruit of faith, your faith has learned to love not only the One who saved you, but also others who are not saved? And sigh and cry inside, while I bring out the brand of blood? Come, sister, brother, answer for yourself, I urge you, urge you to do so by land and by staggering ruined pillars of heaven. that surely tremble. I ask the cherubim and seraphim who stand before the throne of the great Judge, the burning rays that will lighten the thick darkness, the sun no longer wonder and transform the moon into blood, for those whose language is as flaming sword of fire, by Him who the judge, the taste, had read his heart, declare his ways and give you your portion forever.
I urge for the certainty of death, the bond of the trial, the glories of heaven, by the solemnities of hell - beg, beg, beg, ask - do it now yourself these questions: "I'll be the rest? I believe in Christ? I was born again I've got a new heart and a right spirit? Or, am still what it always was - an enemy of God, Christ scorned, cursed by the law, expelled from the Gospel without God and without hope, strange to the community of Israel? " I can not tell you as seriously as he would talk to God. I want with it, throw this question in his own loins, and incite the deepest thoughts of the heart. Sinner, what will become of you when God will sift as wheat straw? What will be your portion? You're standing in the corridor, which will be your portion, you who are in the midst of this gathering, which will be his portion, when He comes back and nothing escape her eyes? Tell me, do you hear? Tell me, and the strings of your heart break out the moment he utter the thundering sound, "Depart, ye cursed," or will be your happy lot - his soul all this time transported with joy unspeakable, "Come, blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you since the foundation of the world "(Mt 25:34)? Our text invites a prospectus. I ask that you consider, look at the flow close to death and say: "I'll be the rest?"

When thou, my righteous Judge, you come
Take home your people rescued.
I'll be among them?

This despicable worm that I am,
Sometimes afraid to die,
Be found at your right hand?

3. But now we come to a terrible contrast, I think we allow the text: "Getting me to rest." There will be some who will not rest in the sense that we have spoken, and yet, they will be more horrible otherwise. They'll be out of pity, abandoned by hope, delivered by friends and will become prey to the relentless fury of sudden severity, not infinite and mitigated and the justice of an angry God. But they will not be exempt from trial, because the sword will find them, the Jehovah's bowls them reach their hearts. And that zeal, whose cell is wood, and lots of smoke and suddenly devour them forever. Sinner, you will miss out. Say what you will miss all the joys of loving that you adopt today - outside of that pride that now strengthens the heart, you will be very humiliated. You'll be out of that iron structure that repels today dart death. You will run out of friends and companions who will attract at harden in sin and wickedness. You'll be without your grace merry and pleasant fantasy that mocked the truths of the Bible and mocks the divine feasts. You will be without any of their hopes and animated all his imaginary delights. You will get no sweet angel, Hope, who never abandons anyone but those who are condemned to hell. You'll be without the Spirit of God that today, sometimes pleading with you. You will be without Jesus Christ, whose gospel was preached very often in his ears. You will be without God the Father, He will close the eyes of pity on you, your bowels of compassion never anelarào for you, nor your heart give attention to their gri ¬ tion. You'll be out, but again, you will not be as someone who escaped, because when the earth opens to swallow the wicked, it will open under his feet and swallow.
When Ray comes to chase the glowing spirit that gets to hell, he will pursue, the reach and find. When God makes the wicked to pieces and there is no one that freedom, he will get you into pieces, He is like a consuming fire, his conscience will be full of bitterness, his heart steeped in bitterness, your teeth will be broken up with tiny stones, their hopes smashed with its rays and all its joys withered and killed with his breath. Careless sinner, sinner furious, now that you're throwing down the path of destruction, why play the fool at that level? There are ways to better account for laughing at himself. Beat your head against a wall, make scribbles and, like David, let the saliva trickling down his beard, but do not let her fall into sin on his conscience and not admit that his disdain for Christ is like millstone put around his neck, with which you will be cast into the sea forever. Be wise, I beg you. Lord, I pray the sinner wise shut your madness has some po ¬; lets you to hear the sober voice of reason, leaves you in silence to hear the voice of conscience, let it be obedient to the voice of Scripture . "Therefore thus I will make thee, O Israel: because it'll make. Prepare thee, O Israel, for thou art with thy God" (Amos 4:12). Israel, "ordering your house. Shalt die and not live" (2 Kgs 20.1).
"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved, and thy house" (Acts 16:31). I feel I have a message for someone tonight. While there may be those who think that the sermon is not appropriate for a congregation where there is so great proportion of men and women converted, however a large portion of unbelievers have here too! I know you came, many of you, to hear a funny story or identify a strange and whimsical speech of someone who considers you to be eccentric. He is eccentric and hopes to remain so until he dies, but is being seriously eccentric and desiring to win souls. Poor sinner, no strange tale I would not tell if she thought would be blessing to you. There grotesque language that I did not use, much as I was thrown back, if I thought it would be helpful. I have in mind being known as a good speaker, and those who use flowery language to live in the palaces of the king. I speak to you as someone who knows that it is accountable to no man but God, as someone who will give account of himself in the last great day. And I would ask that you do not talk about it and what it found in my language. Just think about this: "I'll be the rest? Will I be saved?'ll Be caught up to dwell with Christ in heaven? Or will I be cast into hell forever and ever?" Think about these things. Think seriously about them. Listen to the voice that says: "What comes to me in no wise cast out" (Jn 6:37). Pay attention to the voice that scolds: "Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow, though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool "(Isaiah 1:18). How would your life be spared when the wicked are judged? Where else you'll find shelter when the roaring storm of divine wrath? Where else but you will be the portion of the righteous at the end of days?


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