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Taking the Cross - THOMAS A KEMPIS

Hi dear friends. I know the situations we are experiencing, problems and difficulties, temptations, sometimes in desanimam.Encontrei strength, and joy and my eyes filled with tears because I have an understanding so little about the Cross. The text that belongs to the Sermon of Thomas a Kempis a giant of faith and great man of God. Hope you enjoy ...


Thomas a Kempis:

Taking the Cross

Thomas a Kempis Born: 1381 in Kampen, on the verge of Zuiderzee, Netherlands, and died in the monastery of Mount Saint Agnes in Zwolle in 1471. Seventy years of her long life were spent in the Augustinian convent of Mount Saint Agnes. It was there that he produced the immortal classic of devotional life Imitation of Christ, which, as Dr. Charles Hodge wrote, "spread like incense in the corridors and niches of the Universal Church."
His sermon "Taking the Cross" is a beautiful and eloquent tribute to Christ and the cross.

Taking the Cross

But far be it from me to glory, except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. "(Galatians 6:14)

BROTHERS loved ones, the blessed Paul, the great observer of divine secrets, declares in the words above, that the cross is the right way of living well is the best teaching us how to suffer adversity is the ladder by firmer which went up to heaven by a larger signal. It is this that leads her lovers to the country of eternal light, eternal peace, of eternal bliss, which the world can not give nor take away the devil. The human weakness hates the suffering of poverty, contempt, evil, hunger, fatigue, pain, need, derision, which are often their fate, and weighing and disturb men. But all these things together form, for their multiple sufferings, a healthy cross, so God ordered us to this dispensation. The true bearers of the cross, they open the gate of the heavenly kingdom. This prepares them to fight the palm of life for this achievement they represent the crown of eternal glory.
O truly blessed cross of Christ, who held the King of heaven, and that brought the world the joy of salvation! For you are the demons put to flight, the weak are healed, strengthened the timid are: sinners are cleansed; inactive are stimulated, the proud are humbled, the inhuman are played, and are devotees sprinkled with tears. Blessed are those who daily remind us of the passion of Christ, and wish to carry our cross after Christ. Good and religious brothers who are enrolled in obedience, have, in the daily distress of their bodies and the resignation of their wills, in a cross that their appearance is heavy c bitter. But inside is full of sweetness, for the hope of eternal salvation, and the influx of divine consolation, which is promised to those who are brokenhearted. If they do not feel it right away or do not realize it, which is granted on them step by step, but must wait for it patiently and Resig ¬ nar to the divine will. Because He knows when is the time of showing mercy and which method to help the afflicted, and the doctor is well acquainted with the craft of curing and the captain of the ship with the art of navigation. Those who took the cross in his heart have great confidence and rejoicing in the cross of Jesus Christ. They do not trust or expect to be saved by their own merits and works, but by God's mercy and the merits of Jesus Christ, crucified for our sins, whom they believe faithfully, whom they love with the heart, with the mouth confession, praise, preach, honor and praise. God demonstrates his friends for the holy cross, whether you love him or really unimpressive ¬ ce, and keep his commandments perfectly.
They are proved mainly by tolerance of insults and removing the internal consolations; the death of friends and loss of property, the headaches and injuries in the phone mem ¬ bers; abstinence from food and the roughness of the clothes, the du ¬ bed and prays for the coldness of the feet; by long vigils of the night and the fatigues of the day, the silence of the mouth and the failures of the Superior ¬ res; by the worms that gnaw and the languages that depreciate. In their suffering they are comforted by devout meditation of the passion of the Lord, as many devotees well know in your heart. And of them taste the honey hidden in the rock, and oil of mercy that trickles from the wood of the cross blessed saint, whose taste is very delicious, whose odor is very sweet, whose very touch is healthy, whose fruit is very happy. O tree of life truly worthy, precious, planted in the middle of the church for the cure of the soul! O Jesus of Nazareth, that thou wast crucified for us! You opened the chains of sinners; release the souls of saints; humbled the haughty, broke the power of evil men, comforted believers, have put to flight the unbelievers have delivered the Pied ¬ sos; puniste the obstinate; vanquished opponents. You have put up those who were fallen, you put at liberty those who were kids OprI ¬; smitten those who injure, defend the innocent, loved the verda ¬ heirs; hated false; disdain carnal; cherish the spiritual; receivedst going to thee hid those who seek refuge in you. Those that you cry, thou hast heard, those who visit you, you shall rejoice, and those who seek thee, thou helped, those who cry unto thee, thou strengthened them. You honor those who honor you, praise those who praise you, you loved them that love him; glorified those who adore you, bless them that bless thee, exalted those who praise thee. Those looking to thee, thou hi rod, those who you kiss, you kissed them, and those who embrace thee, thou hugged, and those who follow thee, thou hast guided them to heaven.
Ó religious brother, why are you sad, and why complain about the weight of the cross, in long vigils, in many fasts, hard work in silence c; in obedience and strict discipline? - Things which were introduced to the inspiration of God, the holy parents to your advantage and salvation of your soul, so that you walk by them with firmness and wisdom, thou canst not govern you well and virtuously. You think without the cross and without pain you can enter the kingdom of heaven, where Christ and could not enter, nor what ¬ either of your friends and win His most beloved saints such privilege? Because He said: "Ought not Christ to suffer these things and enter into his glory?" You are completely mistaken in your thinking: you do not have followed the footsteps of Christ shown to thee: for him, by the cross, passed from this world to his heavenly Father. Among the winners and citizens of the heavenly kingdom, ask anybody. how he came to possess the glory of God forever. There was the cross and suffering? So, brethren, take the sweet and mild yoke of the Lord. Embrace with all the affection the Holy Cross until the end - it flourishes with every virtue, full of heavenly anointing - to lead you without deceit, with the spe ¬ rity of glory, eternal life.

What I say more? This is the way, and none else: the right path, the path saint, the perfect path, the path of Christ, the path of the righteous, the path of the elect will be saved. Walk it, endure it, stand on it, live it, die in it, exalai your spirit into it. The cross of Christ conquers all the machinations of the devil, the cross draws the heart of every believer, destroys all the bad things and gives us all good things through Jesus Christ, who was hanged and died there. There is no armor so strong, so sharp arrow and so terrible against the power and cruelty of the devil, he fears nothing as much as the cross, in which he made the Son of God was suspended and dead, who was innocent and pure all stain.
O truly blessed cross of Christ, most worthy of all honor, to be embraced with all the love, that makes those who love to carry their burdens with ease, who comforts the sorrowful reproaches in duration; that teaches how to penitents forgiveness of any offense. She is honored the holy angels, more lovable to men, more terrible to the demons; despised the proud acceptable to the humble, the rough flesh, sweet to the spiritual, the insipid fools, delightful to the devotees, affable to the poor, receptive to strangers, friendly the afflicted, comfort the sick, comfort the dying. Then, keep the sacred wounds of Jesus in the recesses of your heart, they have a flavor addition to all the spices to the devout soul that is in distress and does not seek consolation from men.
Follow Christ, who through his suffering and death leads to eternal light and rest, because if you are now his companions in tribulation, soon you will be seated at table with Him in heavenly exultation perpetual. And plant in the garden of your mind the holy tree of the cross, it produces a very effective medicine against all the suggestions of the devil. This very noble and fruitful tree, the root is the humility and poverty; bark, hard work and penance, the branches, mercy and justice; the leaves, the true honor and modesty, smell, sobriety and abstinence, the Beauty, chastity and obedience, the splendor, right faith and firm hope, strength, generosity and patience; size, patience and perseverance; width, kindness and acceptance, the height, love and wisdom, and sweetness, love and joy, the fruit, salvation and eternal life. Then the Church of the Holy Cross sings well and with dignity:

Cross faithful, above all other
Unique and singular tree;
None in foliage, none in blossom
None in fruit can be like you!

There was no such plant in the gardens of Solomon, or grass so wholesome to cure all illnesses, as the tree of the holy cross, which gives the spice its divine virtue for those who seek salvation. This is the tree more fruitful, blessed above all the trees of paradise, stretching its branches adorable, adorned with leaves see ¬ des, extended with rich fruit in the world, for its altitude, touching the sky, for its depth, penetrating the hell ; for its extension are ¬, surrounding mountains and hills, the magnitude of filling around the world, for its strength, winning the kings evil and the persecutors of the faith, for his mercy, luring the weak, by his gentleness, healing the sinners. This is the glorious palm ¬ color that is rightly called "christifies", carried on the shoulders of Jesus, planted on the hill of Calvary, condemned by the Jews, despised by the Gentiles, outraged by the wicked, lamented by believers, implored by the pious.
Blessed is the man that is faithful servant, who ever takes the sacred wounds of Jesus in your heart, and if adversity ¬ to find it, get it as the hand of God and firmly supports it, so it at least to some degree, be conformed to the Crucified. It is worthy to be visited and consoled by Christ, which analyzes extensively to comply in the life and death with his passion. This is the way of the Holy Cross, this is the doctrine of the Savior, this is the wisdom of the saints, this is the rule of monks, this is the life of the good, this is the lesson of the scribes, this is the meditation I ¬ tos: humbly imitate Christ, to suffer evil for Christ, choose the bitter instead of sweet, disregarding the honors, to endure the scorn with serenity, losing all the delights of evil flee the occasions of defects, avoid waste; regret our own sins and those of others, pray for the afflicted and tempted by, be grateful for the benefactors, petitions by opponents to make that con ¬ shed; rejoice with those in prosperity, mourn with those who suffer harm, help the indigent; not seeking lavish things, choose what is humble, loving what is simple, cut superfluities, be content with little, laboring for the virtues, combat days against riamente ¬ vices; subdue the flesh by fasting, strengthen the spirit of prayer and reading, rejecting human praise; seek meditation, love the silence, to be free for God; sigh by coi ¬ sas heavenly heart despise all that is ground, thinking that nothing except God brings comfort. One who does so can say with the blessed Apostle Paul: "For me to live is Christ and to die is gain." And again: "But far be it from me to glory, except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world is crucified to me and I to the world" (Gal 6:14). O monk and follower of the religious life harder, be not far from the cross thou hast taken, but takes it and carries it to yourself to death, and thou shalt find eternal rest, and honor and glory of heaven. When the tribe ¬ tion to meet you, but Christ who puts his cross on you and shows you the way which you have to go to the heavenly kingdom. But if someone hopes and boasts the glories and honors of the world, is actually wrong, and absolutely can not take anything that has been accustomed to love in the world. But he who glories in Christ and despise all things for Christ's sake, be comforted by Christ in this life. In the life to come, it will be full of heavenly blessings and rejoice in due course with Christ and all saints, for all eternity. That Jesus Christ will give us so that we suffered and died on the cross, to whom be the praise and glory for ever and ever.